Friday, September 14, 2007

It has been a long time

I know I know it has been a long time. I started to wonder if many were reading this and now I have heard from a few people (Hi Stacy and Carolyn)that you wondered why I had not posted so here is a post. We have been busy, yes but the biggest reason why I have not posted is that we desperately need a new computer!! I get so frustrated with this thing taking so long. I can only handle it for so long.
The preschool is up and running. I have been doing interviews with kids. I am trying to one day at a time leave it up to God. I know the school will fill if I leave it up to him and just listen to my intuitive thoughts on what actions I should be taking. Today my action was to show it off to two prospective kids.
Wedding plans are coming along. We had the paperwork drawn up for the reception site yesterday. We have our eyes on a caterer. So the date is set for sure. We are getting married on June 28th 2008. I do have to say this I woke up yesterday with the chill in the air. I want a September wedding!! I am just so afraid I am going to bake on my wedding day in June!! So the truth is I might bake on my wedding day but I will have a lifetime of options with vacations because Tony and I will both have the time off as oposed to September when both of us will be begining a school year. So I am praying to find contentment with June.
Tommy started riding his bike this week that his Aunt Dede bought for him on his second birthday from Germany I do believe. I think she had to cart this little bike all the way back from Germany!! He is finally big enough to ride it. It is pretty darn cute watching his serious face trying to figure it out. He has had a couple of spills. Daddy calls them war wounds. He got right back on but now he appreciates his knee and elbow pads much more!!
Well I suppose that is all for now. I would love all of your prayers that I can continue to let go and let God make the decisions in regarding my school. I know that I will be much happier if I can do that daily and the people that love me that live with me will be even happier! God Bless you all