Thursday, April 10, 2008

Isn't it too early for this??

Ok so tonight it happened!! The question I knew would come but definately thought it would come way down the road. I also owe it all to channel flipping. This is precisely why I DVR everything and do not watch commercials. A commercial came on and in the commercial someone used the word sex. Well of course Tommy says to Tony and I "What is sex?" I look at Tony he gets up and leaves the room and promptly says "Ask your mother (the punk)" So then I say "Maybe daddy didn't hear the question so go ask him" So he runs back to our room shouting at the top of his lungs "SEX SEX SEX daddy what is SEX?" The sound out of his mouth oh it took every fiber of being not to yell out "Tommy Tommy you are going to give your momma a heart attack don't ever say that word again" Of course creating shame and then even making the word more tantalizing for him. I am a firm believer that you should not lie to your kids and when they ask a question you should answer it honestly. I have had many questions from my way to big for his britches boy like "What happens when you die? When will I die? Can we all die at the same time? Why do we poop? Why don't you have a penis? I can handle all of those questions but the sex one floored me a bit. So anyway, I sent my boy back to his daddy thinking that surely this is a question daddy can take on. Well no not exactly daddy said "That is a great question for your momma, she loves these kinds of conversations with you. So my son comes skipping down the hallway saying "Momma you get to tell me what sex is" Ok so I tell him "Tommy sex is something that two adult people do together when they have been in love for a very very long time, it is also the way God lets us make babies" So he looks at me a little puzzled and then I said to him "Now why don't you go tell daddy what sex is" You see I am very curious as to how it will translate for him. So he runs back and says "Daddy guess what sex is? Sex is when two people stick together and it is because of love and then God gives you a baby". I love it did I say I thought it was a good idea to be honest with our kids? Oh and then the last thing he said (and I have no idea where he heard this) "Momma another good word is SEXY SEXY SEXY (shouting it of course)" I said "Buddy where did you hear that word and he said "it is just a word that I think is funnier than just plain old sex. " I gracefully redirected him from that and we started talking about his day tomorrow with his Poppy (which I am sure he will be sharing with my father what he learned about sex GREAT) While he was yammering on about what he was going to do with Poppy I had this flash forward thought of me getting to have all those fun talks because Tony "knows" how much I love them. One more time who said it was a good idea to be honest with your kid? I think the little birds and the bees story may not be so bad afterall. Pray for me will ya