Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pray for Dede and Ray

Hi Friends
I am sending out a prayer request via blogspot for my dear friend Dede and her awesome husband Ray. Dede is off to Iraq for at least six months. She would love prayers that she can survive without her husband for six months. I am going to pray for that but also for her safety where she is. If you would join me in prayers for her I would appreciate it. If you are interested in checking out her blog feel free to check it out

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A funny little something from my boy

Well this might be a post that is way to much information but I found it hilarious. Tonight Tommy and I were eating dinner and we had the boob tube on while eating (I know I know thats terrible but whatever) at least we were watching an educational show. We were watching something on the Discovery Channel. It was a show about this tribe in Australia. They were not wearing any clothes. That did not bother Tommy at all because he has absolutely no issue with nudity at all (in fact he was naked twice at church today ok a story for another time) so on this show they showed the breasts of the women in the tribe and even some of the fronts but for whatever reason they blocked out their bums shal we say ( not a black out of the bum but just shaded are you following me here? so the butts kind of blended in). Tommy had several questions about these people. He asked why do they have bones coming out of their faces? Why do they talk funny? and Why do they eat monkeys? Well then he got quiet and I am always a little nervous when he gets quiet. Then a few minutes later he said "Momma how come they don't go pee pee and poo poo" I said "Well they do they are just not showing it right now" Then he responded with, " Well it must come out of somewhere else because they don't have poo poo holes" He thought that they didn't have them because the shading that the network did you could not see the whole bum. I thought it was hilarious. Then when I explained to him that it was just the TV that had their bottoms shaded he responded with "I think we need to get a new TV momma like the one my Uncle Johnny has (big screen) I am sure he can see their butts at their house" hahahahahahahaha. I am sure when I tell Tony this is will be a ploy for getting a big screen. Maybe I will let Tony find this story if he ever reads my blog hahahahha

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Tommy loves about today

These are some things Tommy said about what he loves today

1. "Helping You Momma"

2. "Playing with Ty."

3. "I loved my cheeseburger"

4. "I love my new toy"

5. "I loved the place that we goed that was Rose and Eric's bible store because I love the place that you watch movies and play"

6. "I love the book that momma read today that she bought at the Rose and Eric bible store"

7. "I likedted the french fries too from my cheeseburger"

Here is Tommy's song that he wanted me to post here
" If you know what's inside, really really really you will know what I love so much. Look look look but don't touch but you will know I want it so much. and you know whats inside but don't open it up you wil lknow I want it so much because it is not for you. What can you do with what God put inside but don't be so blue blue." (man I wish I was recording this instead of just the words, it is hilarious how he is singing it, you will just have to imagine).