Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tommy the deep thinker!!

I know, I know it has been a really long time. I figured since our friend Todd finally posted that it was about time that I do the same.

Here is a sweet little story from our deep thinker Tommy. The other night we were driving in the car and Tommy was very quiet in the car (which is VERY rare). After some quiet time he said "Momma, when I go to bed tonight I am going to pray to God that you, me and daddy die at the same time." Tony and I looked at each other a bit stunned. Tony asked him why he was going to pray for that and he replied "I don't want to be on this planet all by myself."
He is such a deep thinker. He has recently had many questions about death and where he will live when he grows up. In fact he fell apart recently when I told him that when he is 18 he moves out and gets his own house. He kept crying and saying "But Momma I am always going to live with you." I finally had to tell him that he could live with us as long as he wanted.
He is also VERY eager for another baby. I think he is more eager than I am actually. He asks everyday when we will have a baby and he is constantly making her gifts (he calls her a her, I love that because I want a her so bad I can taste it!!).
The wedding plans are coming along. I am enjoying every minute of it. I finally got my dress on Tuesday and I put it on again of Friday night for my maid of honor and I still love it so it is a good sign.
My preschool is going well. I am happy to have two new students. Molly Van Reisen comes one morning a week and Ty Kubicek comes two to three days a week. They both are a welcome addition.
Our most recent news is we have had a very tragic death in the family on Wednesday February 20th. It will be a day that I will never be able to forget. He was in our family for almost 20 years. He was a constant companion to Tony and I am just not sure how to walk through this with him. I will definately need your prayers. Although he was hot when you wanted him cold and cold when you wanted him hot and he was also known to disappear without letting us know from time to time we loved him just as he was. We do know that he is in a better place now where all old Nissan pick ups go when they have taken there last putt putt down the highway. Tony's truck has died!! Funeral information to come. We replaced him on Friday with a White Chrysler Town and Country Mini-Van. AHHHHHHH WE ARE MINI VAN DRIVERS!! There is nothing Rock-n-Roll about a mini van. We will have to dress her up with some cool stickers or something, and maybe transfer the old "Ebba" license plate in memory of the old truck. Prayers will be appreciated to get us through this difficult time.