Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It seems like yesterday

Tommy on his first birthday. He was so excited about his John Deere

I can't believe he is 4!!

Our boy is 4 today!! It is quite baffling to me how fast the time has gone. It feels just like yesterday that I held him in my arms and rocked him to sleep. Now bed times are full of wrestling and tickling which I also enjoy. I remember playtimes of pouring out all of my plastic containers from the kitchen and now it is a huge elaborate scene full of every toy he owns. I remember his first steps, his first big boo boo, his first words, and now he is full of running, many boo boos and days full of many many many many words. All in all I am enjoying every step of his life but I do find myself today longing for the baby in him. I do get to see glimpses of it when he crawls into bed with me in the morning and just can't seem to get close enough to me. Sometimes I think of how lucky we are to have such a healthy happy little boy!! A temper tantrum here or there is nothing compared to what many parents have to endure today. Thank you God for that reminder.