Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Friend Drew

This morning our four year old friend Drew is having his third open heart surgery. He went in for surgery at 8:30 this morning and the doctor was scheduled to begin around 9:30 or 10:00 which is right now actually. We together as a family are just praying for smooth sailing. So far everything has gone as smooth as it possibly can. Drew was able to do his CT scan without any anesthisia (ok I don't know how to spell that) he was also a very brave boy going back to the operating room without any tears. He is a pro at this point. For those of you that don't know Drew and his family, he is an amazing little boy who loves dinosaurs. He has a very spirited funny 2 year old sister Ava and his parents, oh my goodness his parents are the most amazing couple I know. They are full of faith and truth and honesty about this journey God has chosen for them. They show me what it is like to truly have faith. I am just asking all of you to pray for them this morning and continue to all day. If you want to check out their blog it is . Surgery is suppose to go until 3 or so today. Please keep them in your prayers